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Using An Umbrella Company To Your Advantage

Working as a self-employed professional can be difficult as there are many complications that just don’t exist when working as an employee. However, it is possible for contractors to become employees under an umbrella company and therefore remove the difficulties associated with self-employment while retaining the flexibility of contracting. How …

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Umbrella Company And IR35 – A Basic Guide

The use of an Umbrella company by contractors increased rapidly following the Inland Revenue (now HMRC) issuing bulletin IR35. In simple terms, this bulletin introduced proposed changes to tax law that reduced tax avoidance by individuals who worked as contractors instead of being an employee of the company they worked …

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Overusing Your Health Insurance

When reviewing health plans and evaluating cost, keep in mind health insurance wasn’t designed to cover every penny related to health care. Everything under the sun on an open credit card is nice, but not when you are paying the bill. But you are. The purpose of insurance is to …

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